F.Cuz has brought out the Midnight Sun

F.Cuz is back and they are awesome as usual!  “Midnight Sun” is a great song that splices a ballad and an upbeat song.  Let’s start with the Jinon’s abs, me gusta, and Kan’s sinfully delicious happy trail.

Happy happy trail trail!!!!

YeJun really stuck out in this MV.  Other than being my second bias, he just looks friggin’ hot!  His hair looks recently sexed and his thighs are gorgeous in those pants.  I am so happy he’s legal.


Last thing about YeJun, I promise.  I would kill myself if my hair was like that.  It’s cut so it’s right at his eyeline, my hair would be poking my eyes out.  There us no way I could have that haircut.

A few comments on LeeU, one, he looks like lizard when he grits his teeth and two, leopard print, really?  No please.  No leopard print.  I have to make myself like it on a girl, I don’t think I can forgive it on a guy.

Kan!  That man needs to be inside me now.  Sorry, let me tone that down, Kan is really hot and he makes my ovaries explode… often.

Unf unf unf

The dance is really easy.  When the chorus starts just extend your arms one after the other, the gif shows it.  Happy dancing!

Did you see the Midnight Sun with F.Cuz?

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