BtoB is here to WoW you

BtoB is back with “WOW” and to say that I’m obsessed with this song would be an understatement.  When this song came out, I had it playing on repeat for two days straight.  Let me just start with the butt gif, because it makes me smile.


I have no idea why this girl doing “sexy” things makes the BtoB members disappear, but bitch better stop killing my men.  Somehow maknae SungJae (instead of the others) makes the girl disappear, I never question MV plots….

BtoB member (Hyunshik)

BtoB member (Hyunshik)

Plus woman doing sexy thing

Plus woman doing sexy thing


Equals poof, no more BtoB member

Equals poof, no more BtoB member

But not SungJae.  SungJae > girl

But not SungJae. SungJae > girl

Since I’m talking about SungJae let’s talk about how amazing his hair looks in this MV.  I apparently love foreheads, so that hairstyle is like a hairgasm to me.

Foreheads bishes!!!!

Foreheads bishes!!!!


Last SungJae thing; he looks so much like SungJong.  I mean, I like me some SungJong, so that’s a good thing.





MinHyuk’s “grooving grooving” body wave is really hot.  I’m just going to sit here and watch this on repeat for a little while.



Hyunsik, must you?  You are too hot to handle.  Hat – ovaries curious, Smirk – ovaries engaged, Jawline – ovaries exploded, Lip touch – dead.






I’m just going to enjoy all the gifs this MV can provide, like all the hip work these boys do.  Can I just say how happy I am that they are all legal, minus SungJae of course?

hips leanbackhips

IlHoon is a piece of art in the MV.  He’s simply gorgeous.  Bias wrecker this one is.




IlHoon kissing his hand is an actual sin.  I felt myself ovulate when I saw that.


I’ve shown random dance gifs, pick and choose what you will.  Happy dancing!

Did BtoB WOW you with their new song?

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